Drugloo Classic/Evolution TW

Drugloo Classic/Evolution TW
Drugloo Classic/Evolution TW

These are based on the Classic and Evolution Drugloo but have been adapted for prison and police cell installations where the WC is installed within the custody cell whilst the recovery chamber is situated in an adjoining room. This layout permits the detainee to be locked in a prison cell unaccompanied and offers the custody officer the ability to attend to the equipment when it is convenient. To ensure continuity of evidence, the recovery chamber can be sealed using, for instance, a numbered security seal in the presence of the detainee.

WC Unit

This is an elevated WC with built in automatic sprays to transfer faeces and other debris into the recovery unit. The WC has a seat cover which is connected to, and
activates the sprays and also instigates an alarm in the security room, to warn that the cover has been lifted. The alarm, in the form of a buzzer and reset switch, is ideally
located next to the security room door. This warning can be cancelled at any time, by depressing the illuminated push button on the front of the warning box.

Stepped Base Unit

The WC unit is elevated by 500mm to provide the operator with a comfortable working height. A step unit is provided to enable the detainee to use the WC.

Recovery unit

Recovery of the reclaimed packages is via a sealed chute which, when opened, permits the packages to fall into a waiting evidence container. At no time during the recovery does the operative come into contact with the inside of the equipment nor do they have to handle the recovered packages.

Mains services required

Mains water

Clean, with a minimum pressure of 4 Bar ( approx, 56psi) at a volume of 10 litres/minute. In areas where water is “hard” or dirty, measures to soften and filter the water may be required to avoid lime scale build-up on sprays.


Mains electrical supply 110v or 240v (specify when ordering ) This supply must be fitted with a safety protection to the system and must be installed and tested by a qualified person. This supply should be in the form of a switched and fixed spur, into which the 12V power unit, supplied to operate the Drugloo, is connected.


The output from this equipment is a 2” BSP socket and should discharge into the soil system of the building.

Automatic Anti-Microbial Concentrate Dosing Unit

This is situated on the wall of the inspection room. It injects into this water, an accurate dose of concentrate, so that all the water used in the equipment is dosed with Anti-Microbial Concentrate which sterilises both the interior of the equipment and also sterilises any recovered packages. The shelf built into the underside of this unit is designed to house 21/2 litre bottle of Anti-Microbial Concentrate.

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