About Our Company


 More than 25 years ago saw the original development of the ‘Drugloo’ when Ray Nicholls, now a director of Drugloo (UK) Ltd, was asked to attend a meeting with HM Customs & Excise at Gatwick Airport, England. During this meeting, Ray was asked to provide a practical solution to the growing problem of recovering packages of Banned Substances from people attempting to smuggle these substances into the UK inside their bodies.


The brief was simple – HM Customs & Excise needed to recover these concealed packages SAFELY, HYGIENICALLY and as SYPMATH-ETICALLY as possible. This was the start of a long road for Ray spanning several years, culminating in him developing the complete range of Drugloo (UK) Ltd equipment that you will find on this website today.

Throughout the development of the product range, Ray has worked closely with HM Customs & Excise, US Customs Service, UK Police Forces, HM Prison Service and many other law enforcement agencies  around the  world to  meet any  individual




requirements that any of these agencies may have. Views have been taken and ideas developed so that the range offered now is the most comprehensive available.

To compliment the Drugloo range of Equipment, DL6 Anti-microbial concentrate has been developed and specially formulated for  the equipment with the assistance of a multi national company. DL6 is used in the equipment to sanitise the recovered packages, and to provide the high level of sterilization and protection against disease that the users of the equipment demand.


On this website you will find information on our range of Drugloo Banned Substances Recovery Equipment, however, if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us; where our extensive knowledge and expertise in this area will be able to assist you.